Is Rick for real?

Is Rick crazy?  What’s the catch?


Rick McMullin has been offering this crazy introductory offer to residents of London Ontario for over two years now and you and his staff accountant have questioned him about this because he loses so much money to provide all of this to so many car owners. The staff, his wife and the accountant have made the call and you can see him here in his straight jacket about to be taken away to a place where he can rest.

In his defence he says that really this is the best way for a client to get a really low price offer to try him out. See what our service, shuttle and delivery processes are like and also get a report on their car’s condition.

He also says that he has had hundreds of people try this out and has developed some great relationships and repaired plenty of cars adding that many have never found Ricky if it wasn’t for this offer but also many others have received the report and decided to defer the work for one reason or another and maybe they will be his client at another time in the future and he is glad to have met them.

Royalty Rewards

Royalty Rewards is a unique program that rewards you every time you visit us and use our services.  For every dollar you spend, you earn points towards FREE Loyalty Certificates from Ricky Ratchets.  For every 500 points you accumulate, you will automatically receive a $25 loyalty certificate to redeem on your next visit! There is no charge or fee associated with the Royalty Rewards Program, just come to our shop and pick up an application, fill in the form, mail it in to us and start using it right away!